Dry Cleaning Terms

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothing and other textiles using a chemical solvent that is not water.  Dry cleaning is easier on clothes than washing.  It prevents shrinkage, color loss, texture change and more.


Starch is the chemical compound responsible for adding body or stiffness. For example, starch makes the collar of a dress shirt stiff to stay upright.

Permanent Press

Permanent press is a quality or characteristic of a fabric that is resistant to wrinkles. You may own articles of clothing that were labelled 'wrinkle resistant' or 'no-iron' or 'wash and wear,' which means that your article of clothing has been treated to withstand and resist wrinkles.

Hem / Hemming

Hemming is the process of turning under and sewing the edge of a piece of clothing or cloth. For example, you should hem the bottom of a pair of pants that were too long on you.